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Accurate Printing Guidelines
Platform: Mac or Windows

Applications: Artwork must be designed in one of the following page layout applications - QuarkExpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Pagemaker.

Word files can cause numerous printing problems. If your file is designed using Word please contact us by email or phone (415) 243-3998.

Colors and Resolution: RGB images need to be converted to CMYK for printing, or they will default to gray scale. For jobs with spot colors, any CMYK colors need to be converted to a Pantone spot color. All images should be at least 300 dpi. Line art should be scanned at 2400 dpi.

Vector files: Illustrator or Freehand EPS (type MUST be converted to outlines).


Supply ALL fonts used, INCLUDING those embedded in EPS files.


Supply ALL graphics, INCLUDING those embedded in EPS files.
TIFF files: (.TIF), DO NOT use LZW compression.

JPEGs: must be saved at 300 dpi and maximum compression.

NO PICT files: (.PCT) are low resolution and not acceptable.

No PostScript (.PS) files or PDF files.

Collect for Output: For best results, use FlightCheck to collect your files for output. Doing so will collect all the necessary files as well as all the fonts (including fonts used in EPS files).

Proofs: You MUST supply a laser copy as a go-by or sample.

PDFs: PDFs are acceptable for proofs but NOT as final files.

Media: Supply files on Zip disks or CD.

Bleeds: Provide a 1/8" bleed allowance on all sides.

All files MUST be compressed using Aladdin Dropstuff or Stuffit. as a .sit or .zip file.


Artwork packaging should provide maximum protection and be sent via insured, traceable delivery (e.g., Express Mail, FedEx) method.

Please ship all artwork and refer production questions to:

Accurate Printing
760 Bryant St.
San Francisco CA, 94107
(415) 243-3998
Fax: (415) 243-3997
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